Saturday, June 11, 2016

Power coalesces. That's just a fact of nature. Variety.. variation makes a population stronger. The two party system is owned by the corporate miasma.
I had an unpleasant conversation with Hillary supporters yesterday and today another friend posted about needing to support her out of fear of Trump.
Fear has darkened so much of my life. I understand terror. I understand.
Now i'm going to take a deep breath and I am going to refuse to be afraid.
I do not really understand the dynamics that lead us to where we are in politics. If you think you understand - you don't. There are so many variables... power struggles within power struggles that make things convoluted enough that conspiracy theories start to look simple in comparison.
Technological change, social change - power and fear - these drive people in odd directions sometimes. The complexity of international relations, social change, technological change... there are more variables than an non-enhanced human mind can really track and project.
It occurs to me though that Trump and Hillary... that this race is not an accident. I find it incredibly unlikely that there are no other Republicans in the whole country that weren't better choices than Trump.
Maybe this is the result of Citizen's United making non-corporate runs for office impossible.
I will not vote out of fear.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Breaking the Blue Wall

I want to fly. I want to dance. I want to live.
I want to break the blue wall.
I'll take you with me, baby.

Let's fly together.