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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fan Art :)

This was done by my friend Molly :) from work.

comic: Max in the Stars 1

So .. I drew this today... days are always longer at the start of them than they are at the end of them.. when you turn around and go... what the hell? Why didn't I get more done?

I got carried away and inked and colored this at my desk.. and well, it never looks as good when I take the photo... which is why I usually ink and color in manga studio... but well, the day was long and bed time approachth.

I guess a person can only vote once, but please vote for me. I'm losing this race so badly it isn't funny.. but I'm gonna run until the race is over. Either way I'm gonna cry... guys aren't supposed to admit that I guess, but well.. there are other things I'm good at.

So! I hope you enjoy the comic I drew today, and I hope share and vote for me! And well :) Have a great day!


(I should have added a copyright notice... it's mine, copyright 2013, I'll add the notice tomorrow... tomorrow will be a longer day! )
(Okay... I misspelled 'please'... I guess the day had time for an edit after all :) )

25,000 votes


The leader right now has 25,000 votes and I have 17....

At least he doesn't have millions.

I have to get some great stuff written today... drawn.. .make people happy so they vote for me! Gods, I need the votes!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Breaking the Blue Wall

I want to fly. I want to dance. I want to live.
I want to break the blue wall.
I'll take you with me, baby.

Let's fly together.